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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – After the event FIFA World Cup 2022 (2022 World Cup), debate regarding who is the best soccer player of all time or the Greatest of All Time (GOAT) is officially over.

After successfully bringing Argentina to win the 2022 World Cup, Lionel Messi was officially crowned GOAT. The realization of La Pulga’s biggest ambition to give La Albiceleste the world title and the series of records he created make him worthy of being called the best figure of all time in the world of football.

However, amidst the GOAT title and a series of records set, it turns out that there is one prestigious award that Messi has never won, but belongs to his eternal rival, Cristiano Ronaldo. What award is that?

One prestigious award that the player born on June 24 1987 has never won is the Golden Foot or ‘Golden Foot’ Award. This award is considered unique because one of the requirements is that footballers must be at least 28 years old.

Golden Foot is a prestigious award held by the Principality of Monaco since 2003. According to the official website, this award is given to players through athletic achievements, both individually and as a team and individually.

Photo: Golden Foot Trophy. (AP/CHRISTIAN ALMINANA/File Photo)

Launching from Daily Star, Golden Foot is an international award given to the most prestigious football player of the year. Later, the winner’s footprints were printed on “The Champions Promenade” along Monaco’s waterfront.

“This award can only be won once and the recipient of the award must be over 28 years of age. Thus, Messi has been missed by a panel of international journalists seven times,” wrote the report Daily Star, quoted Wednesday (25/10/2023).

In 2022, FC Barcelona player Robert Lewandowski successfully won the Golden Foot award. Meanwhile, in 2021, it was Mohamed Salah’s turn from Liverpool to win this prestigious award.

Meanwhile, Messi’s eternal rival, Cristiano Ronaldo, also managed to win the ‘Golden Foot’ award in 2020 or while he was still in the Juventus uniform.

The following is a list of players who won the Golden Foot

2003: Roberto Baggio (Brescia)

2004: Pavel Nedved (Juventus)

2005: Andriy Shevchenko (AC Milan)

2006: Ronaldo (Real Madrid)

2007: Alessandro Del Piero (Juventus)

2008: Roberto Carlos (Fenerbahce)

2009: Ronaldinho (AC Milan)

2010: Francesco Totti (AS Roma)

2011: Ryan Giggs (Manchester United)

2012: Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Paris Saint-Germain)

2013: Didier Drogba (Galatasaray)

2014 Andres Iniesta (FC Barcelona)

2015: Samuel Eto’o (Antalyaspor)

2016: Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus)

2017: Iker Casillas (Porto)

2018: Edinson Cavani (Paris Saint-Germain)

2019: Luka Modrić (Real Madrid)

2020: Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus)

2021: Mohamed Salah (Liverpool)

2022: Robert Lewandowski (FC Barcelona)

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