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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Instagram users can create their own stickers directly in the application. Meta announced this capability by bringing AI tools to Instagram and WhatsApp.

These AI tools include an AI sticker maker, which allows users to create personalized stickers with text commands. Meta has reportedly added this feature directly to the Instagram application, although not all users have got it.

Report India Today mention of the feature has been spotted for iOS. Notifications regarding feature information and how to make stickers are also provided by Instagram.

Here’s how to make stickers on Instagram, quoted from India TodayTuesday (24/10/2023):

1. Open the Instagram application
2. Open the menu to create a new Story or Reel
3. Select the ‘Create’ sticker option
4. Select the photo you want to use to make the sticker
5. Use your finger on the part of the photo you want to make a sticker
6. When finished, click the ‘Done’ button
7. Your sticker has been completed and will be saved in the Instagram sticker palette. Stickers can be used in Stories and Reels

Meta is also increasingly serious about working on AI features in its company. In addition to the sticker maker, Meta also announced its newest generative AI tool.

With these tools, users can edit images and create stickers with text instructions. AI image editing will be available for Instagram, while AI chat stickers will be released on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Messenger.

Apart from that, Instagram will also add two AI photo editing features. This feature is called restyle and backdrop.

Restyle will allow users to change the style of their photos with text, for example watercolors or magazine collage. Meanwhile, Backdrop is for changing the photo background with text such as ‘beach at sunset’.

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