Minister of Communication and Information’s Steps to Make Cellphones Move to 5G Cheaper Tech – 16 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Minister of Communication and Information Budi Arie Setiadi said that fast internet quality is one of the important infrastructure issues in Indonesia. Apart from that, internet access is also requested to be evenly distributed to all corners of the country.

“There are two issues for infrastructure. One is coverage, one is quality. It must be evenly distributed throughout Indonesia and the quality of our internet speed must be high,” said Budi in Jakarta, Thursday (19/10/2023).

He explained that internet in the area was still reported to be slow. Likewise, the signal is not that strong in quality.

“If we go to areas the internet is still slow and the signal is still lacking, coverage and quality,” he said.

Previously, Kominfo announced that the government would prepare incentives for the implementation of 5G telecommunications network technology in Indonesia. In his statement, Budi explained that the state would invest and make development cheaper.

When asked about this, Budi did not specify the form of incentives that the government would provide to cellular operators. He only said he was ready to discuss with the operator.

“We’re discussing it. Next week we will discuss it with cellular operators,” said Budi.

The operator also voiced several suggestions regarding incentives. When met on different occasions, ATSI member Rudi Purwanto suggested that during the auction or getting reimbursement so that the payment of the Organizer’s Rights Fee (BHP) could be reduced.

“So for example, in the first year after the auction we pay

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