Optel Receives Incentives, Minister of Communication and Information Wants 5G Internet Speeding Up Tech – 18 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Minister of Communication and Information Budi Arie Setiadi said he would meet with cellular operators next week. This is in order to discuss 5G incentives for operators.

“This is still (in progress), we will have a meeting next week. It was supposed to be yesterday, but it will be next week,” explained Budi when met at the Ministry of Communication and Information office, Friday (27/10/2023).

Budi has not explained the type of incentives that will be provided. However, he confirmed that he would prepare several schemes.

According to him, the meeting was to hear the opinions of all cellular operators. Most importantly, Budi said the telecommunications industry must be healthy.

“Opsel comes from the telco industry so they have to be healthy,” he said.

Budi said the aim of the incentive was to make the 5G network much faster. “Yes, 5G is so fast, right? Do you really want it to be slow? You don’t want it, right?” Budi said.

So far, Budi said he only plans to meet with cellular operators. Next, a meeting will be arranged with the relevant Ministries and Institutions.

“Not yet, we will hear from them (opsel) first, then go to other KLs and friends from the Ministry of Finance, etc. later. Anyway, next week we will meet with them first about their scheme,” he said.

Previously, Budi explained that he was preparing incentives for the implementation of 5G network technology in the country. The goal is a strategic step to make 5G use more optimal.

“So in the past, the state did not have to pay for investments so that it could be cheaper for operators willing to invest large amounts,” said Budi, quoted from the Kominfo website.

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