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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Cases of stalking by fans of K-Pop idols have occurred again. This time, a 20 year old woman from South Korea is being investigated by local police on charges of stalking one of the BTS members, V alias Taehyung.

Launching from Yonhap News AgencyGangnam Police Station stated that the woman allegedly tried to approach V after visiting his house in southern Seoul on Thursday (26/10/2023) at around 18.30 local time.

The police began investigating after security guards in the local area reported the unpleasant situation.

Based on police investigations using CCTV monitoring, the woman, whose identity is unknown, had visited the 27-year-old singer’s house several times before.

As a result of this, the police ordered emergency action against the suspect by prohibiting him from approaching within 100 meters of the victim (V) or contacting him via telephone call or text message.

Apart from that, the police are also investigating whether the suspect is the same person who gave the marriage registration form to the singer.

Previously, V had experienced something bad with sasaeng. In a live broadcast on Naver’s V Live, the singer who was born on December 30 1995 said that he had been bullied sasaeng in a plane.

“Some people (sasaeng) know in advance which plane we are taking. They always take it and sit in front of or next to us. “In a place like that, we can’t rest comfortably,” said V, quoted Friday (27/10/2023).

“It’s scary. Yes, it’s very scary,” he said.

Apart from that, other BTS members also experienced the same thing. In May 2023, Jungkook warned people sasaeng to stop intruding on his personal life and deliver food to his home address.

This was conveyed by the youngest member of BTS through the Weverse fan community.

“Please don’t deliver food to my house via delivery service. I won’t eat it even if you keep sending it,” said Jungkook, quoted from SoompiFriday (27/10/2023).

Sasaeng is a term for people who are very obsessed with K-Pop idols and are always determined to do anything to be close to their idols. Often times, action sasaeng considered excessive, beyond reason, and scary, thereby disturbing privacy and endangering the safety of K-Pop idols.

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