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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Spotify introduces hub for artist merchandise. The hub contains T-shirts, vinyl records and brass lighters from Lana Del Rey for moody girls.

This is Spotify’s latest attempt to integrate merchandise purchases into the app. Considering that this application has become a priority for artists in distributing it via streaming services.

Launching from The Vergemerchandise on Spotify is nothing new, the company launched a partnership with Shopify in 2021 and since then has continued to make small updates to facilitate shopping.

However, purchases do not occur directly in the app. Users can only browse items and will then be directed to each artist’s merchandise store.

Spotify doesn’t take a cut of sales, but the merchandise push does have a business purpose. It’s common knowledge how little income artists make from their music streams, and selling merchandise is an easy, high-margin way to try to make a difference.

If Spotify wants to keep its artists happy, the company must make merchandise part of the user experience.

The easiest way to get merch on Spotify is to go to the merch tab on an artist’s individual page.

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