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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A study revealed that the Earth’s core is tilted. It turns out the location is under the Banda Sea.

This tilt occurs because the solid iron core in the center of the planet is experiencing faster growth. Apart from that, the Earth’s core in Indonesia apparently also loses heat more quickly and makes the cooling process faster due to the crystallization of the iron that makes up the core.

Heat loss in the Earth’s core is reported to be faster than in other regions, such as Brazil. This happened 500 years ago but the reasons are not yet known.

“The only way we can explain it is that one side is growing faster than the other,” said lead study author Daniel Frost, a seismologist at the University of California, Berkeley.

This research was revealed when the research team was studying seismic waves. These are underground vibrations from an Earthquake that pass through a solid iron core.

For information, the Earth’s core is 3,000 kilometers below the surface. The materials contained in the core are iron and nickel.

Scientists also revealed the reason why iron crystallization occurs in the West, such as in the Banda Sea. The cause is asymmetric growth so that its position is 60% higher towards the west side.

However, the growth that occurs will not cause anything. Because according to the research team, this growth does not have the potential to make the Earth unbalanced.

Frost also added that there are still other mysteries that need to be revealed. Namely whether the findings will have an impact on magnetic fields.

“The question is, does this change the strength of the magnetic field?” Frost said.

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