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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia The micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME) segment continues to be encouraged by the Indonesian Government and the private sector to continue to move forward in transforming into businesses that can benefit a wide audience, while also achieving progress in becoming empowered MSMEs.

Of course, this requires definite steps and a capable transformation. Support must continue to be continued in order to achieve a progressive economy. In this case, Shopee, as an e-commerce platform, is a forum and friend to help all users achieve their dreams and contribute to encouraging more resilient business transformation for local brands and MSMEs in the country.

For this reason, Shopee is again presenting the Shopee 11.11 Big Sale, a shopping festival with the biggest promo which was initiated to highlight and support the development of local businesses which will take place from 15 October – 11 November 2023. This campaign has encouraged more consumers, business people and the public to access and utilize e-commerce.

Head of Marketing Growth at Shopee Indonesia, Monica Vionna, said that the 11.11 Big Sale campaign this time was a very special moment where Shopee strengthened its commitment to ensuring that the benefits of e-commerce could be felt by everyone.

“We are fortunate to be at the forefront of this transformation and hope to continue to create new opportunities for sellers,” said Monica in a written statement, Thursday (19/10/2023).

“Seeing the success of yesterday’s 10.10 campaign where the number of products sold from local brands and MSMEs increased more than 9 times at the peak of the campaign, 11.11 this time is intended to be a bigger shopping festival to support the business development of local brands and MSMEs. With various programs being offered presented, we want 11.11 to be able to bring enthusiasm and hope to more people,” he continued.

#ShopeeAdaForUMKM Commitment, Growth Opportunities for Local Businesses

Indonesia itself has many local business actors, both local brands and MSMEs, with creativity and a variety of products that have their own characteristics. All forms of creativity should be appreciated, including brands created by the nation’s children. Shopee believes that helping and providing guidance to MSMEs is a joint task of various parties.

Throughout this year, Shopee has implemented various new programs and initiatives aimed at supporting the business development of local business actors, both those who have officially become sellers on Shopee and those who are just about to register their business online at Shopee.

Through the #ShopeeAdaForUMKM commitment, we present a series of programs, one of which is the Shopee MSME Campus & Shopee Export MSME Campus which is present as a one-stop solution for MSMEs to improve quality and penetrate the world market. While this program was running, it was recorded that the number of MSMEs trained in the last year was 2x.

At the peak of the 10.10 campaign yesterday, the Shopee Export Program also provided an opportunity for local brands and MSMEs to expand the reach of their products to overseas markets and provide an increase in export transactions of up to 3 times compared to normal days.

It is hoped that the programs and features presented will be an opportunity for the entire Shopee ecosystem to become more empowered. Of course, this 11.11 campaign can be carried out with the support of trusted brand partners and local business actors who present a complete and quality product range.

Also present at this exciting event was the Founder & Chief Creative Officer of Jenna&Kaia, Lira Krisnalisa, who also shared her journey with Shopee. He revealed, as a modest brand that supports freedom of expression to complement the personality and uniqueness of each individual, Jenna&Kaia has presented various collections to support Indonesian women in exploring their fashion styles to become more confident.

The products that Jenna&Kaia produce are certainly different, which are definitely comfortable for use in various activities. Of course, Shopee also has a huge role in helping Jenna&Kaia reach a wider market share so that Lira can realize its commitment to providing a choice of quality fashion products throughout Indonesia.

“Therefore, to help enliven the 11.11 Big Sale campaign, we have prepared a number of interesting surprises through special offers and promos Magic Payday Up to 65% specifically on October 25 – 31, and Magic Price Up to 50% specifically on November 8 – 13 for Shopee users,” said Lira.

The excitement of Shopee 11.11 Big Sale, a special collaboration with JKT48

Committed to being a friend and a solution to meet needs, Shopee has put together the best excitement and offers, especially for fashion, beauty and electronic products during the 11.11 Big Sale campaign. The biggest year-end promotions will be available for users to enjoy, such as Free Shipping Rp. 0, Shopee Live Cheap Discounts, and Big Flash Sale.

Photo: 11.11 Big Sale with JKT48

Specially at the 11.11 Big Sale this time, Shopee collaborated with JKT48 to enliven the campaign through TV advertisements represented by several JKT48 members. They are Zee JKT48, Freya JKT48, Gracia JKT48, and Christy JKT48.

As a young Indonesian figure who is full of talent and a lot of achievements, JKT48 is the right figure for Shopee to embrace so that he can be an inspiration for society, especially the younger generation, to continue to be creative to achieve their dreams. Even at today’s event, JKT48 was present as an inspirational resource person who shared exciting stories of their transformation with Shopee 11.11 Big Sale.

JKT48 members also admitted that they were very happy to be able to collaborate with Shopee in the excitement of this year’s 11.11 Big Sale campaign. Moreover, the presence of Shopee continues to strive to meet the needs of all its users. Through interactive programs and features, this fun and profitable online shopping experience is certainly eagerly awaited, especially by us JKT48 members.

“The complete choice of products including fashion, beauty and the best promotions that are presented is the main reason for choosing Shopee as the right shopping platform. We can also support local brand businesses and MSMEs that have joined Shopee to become more advanced and empowered,” said Gracia JKT48.

Regarding this, Shopee Indonesia’s Head of Marketing Growth, Monica Vionna, admitted that she was very enthusiastic about collaborating with the idol group JKT48 in the special 11.11 Big Sale campaign. JKT48’s reputation continues to rise thanks to its songs and the good fun presented by these young women who can clearly bring positive energy to inspire and bring joy to Shopee users throughout Indonesia.

Check out other surprises and further information about the 11.11 Big Sale here. Download the Shopee application for free via the App Store or Google Play and immediately activate ShopeePay.

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