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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Workers’ circles revealed that the discussion of the minimum wage (UM) in 2024 has still not reached a clear point until now. The reason is that currently workers are continuing their material review of the Job Creation Law at the Supreme Court. According to workers, PP36/2021 concerning Wages and Minister of Manpower Regulation Number 18 of 2022 concerning Determination of Minimum Wages for 2023 do not apply.

“If PP36/21 does not apply, Permenaker 18/22 does not apply, then which legal product the government will use in increasing the 2024 UMP, which will be decided in November 2023, both the UMP and UMP will have no legal basis,” said the President of the Trade Union Confederation Indonesia (KSPI) Said Iqbal in a press conference, Friday (20/10/23).

Furthermore, he said, if the Minister of Manpower (Menaker) decides to increase the 2024 minimum wage and recommends regulations to the Governor who signs both provincial and district/city minimum wage decisions, then the only legal basis that can be used is Ciptaker Law No. 6/2023 without its derivatives. However, he said, this rule makes it difficult to define the index.

“If you use the Job Creation Law, the Minister of Manpower will have difficulty defining the index. The second problem is that the Regency City Wage Council, Provincial Wage Council and National Wage Council have not yet had a meeting. They are confused about all the wage councils on the basis of their decisions or recommendations, so there are no meetings,” said Said Iqbal .

On the other hand, he continued, the minimum wage should be set for the UMP 60 days before it comes into effect. Meanwhile, this rule applies as of January 1, 2024.

“If it was withdrawn 60 days earlier it was November 1, now it is October 22, only 8 days left if it is forced, that means making it up “Minister of Manpower, if there is a decision on the 2024 UMP which will be decided on November 1, people won’t have a meeting,” said Said Iqbal.

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