08:45 Video Communication and Information Strategy to Prevent Political Hoaxes-Black Campaigns During Elections Tech – 6 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia- Kominfo reminded the public against the spread of hoax news, fighting against each other and disinformation in the 2024 elections, whether related to the presidential election, legislative elections and regional elections that use Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

Director General of Information & Public Communication at Kominfo, Usman Kasong, said that Kominfo invites all levels of society to improve the quality of democracy by being wary of political hoaxes by increasing public education.

On the other hand, UI Digital Communication Expert, Firman, said it was important to prevent fake information or false information by encouraging socialization.

What must be done to prevent misuse of AI in the 2024 Election? For complete details, see Shinta Zahara’s dialogue with the Director General of Information & Public Communication, Kominfo, Usman Kasong and UI Digital Communication Expert, Firman Kurniawan in Profit,CNBCIndonesia (Tuesday, 24/10/2023)

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