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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – YouTube blocks Microsoft Edge users who use Strict privacy mode in their browser.

This is part of Google’s overall anti-ad blocking strategy for YouTube.

Please note, the Strict online privacy setting in the Edge browser is not the same as using ad block.

Quoting Gizchina, these settings basically block ad trackers who have minimal access to user data.

However, when Google fails to obtain personal data from its users, it will also have an impact on YouTube because it cannot serve targeted advertisements.

And when Google blocked these users, Google confirmed that the platform began implementing measures against users that limit personal data.

If you use Strict settings mode in Microsoft Edge and are blocked by YouTube, the only way to unblock is to adjust the options.

Switching to Balanced mode can make the platform start serving you content again. Here, Balanced mode offers a degree of online privacy but doesn’t completely block targeted ads.

Not everyone who uses Edge is affected. In other words, YouTube may work fine even if you enable the Strict privacy setting.

This suggests that Google is still testing YouTube’s anti-ad blocking policy. Google may reverse the decision to block users with Strict settings at a later date.

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