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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – ARMY, the name for BTS fans, from Indonesia managed to collect more than IDR 1 billion in aid for Palestine. The BTS Army Indonesia Cares for Palestine campaign is carried out through the Solusi Peduli page.

Based on CNBC Indonesia’s monitoring, Sunday (22/10/2023), the aid has reached IDR 1,021,841,414. So far there have been 20,289 donors who have contributed.

In his statement, he explained about the conflict in Palestine which was likely to escalate. This also includes reports that 2,670 Palestinians have died and 9,600 have been injured, based on a report from the Ministry of Health in Gaza, on Saturday last week.

Meanwhile, according to OCHA and UNRWA reports, 600 thousand people had to be displaced in the central and southern parts of Gaza. Half of the refugees are in emergency shelters, the rest are in public facilities or with host families.

“Meanwhile, according to UN agencies (OCHA and UNRWA), as many as 600,000 people are displaced in the central and southern parts of Gaza, in conditions that are increasingly worrying. This report states that around 300,000 people are in emergency shelters designated by UNRWA, and the rest are in public facilities and with a foster family,” the statement said.

The aid distributed is written to meet the needs of Palestinians. Starting from food, medicine and health services.

This assistance is channeled through the humanitarian organization Human Initiative. Phase 1 aid has also been distributed to the Palestinian community.

“Human Initiative as a humanitarian organization which is a partner in distributing Palestinian donations to BTS Army Indonesia, has distributed phase 1 of aid to affected residents in Palestine,” said Army Indonesia.

A number of people who have donated also left several sentences of support in the comments column.

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