Buwas Reveals Jokowi’s Reasons for Increasing Rice Imports by 1.5 Million Tons News – 1 hour ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Perum Bulog claims that it currently has rice stocks of up to 1.6 million tons. However, the number will continue to decline due to the distribution of government food aid to meet the Stabilization of Food Supply and Prices (SPHP).

This ultimately became the basis for President Joko Widodo to increase rice imports by 1.5 million tons this year.

“The distribution of food aid every month is 240 thousand tons. Plus SPHP is an average of 50 thousand each month, if for 3 months the prediction for the next three months is 150 thousand for SPHP, plus in the next 3 months almost 700 thousand (social assistance distribution) the total is almost “We will distribute 900 thousand tons from the 1.6 million tons currently available,” said the Managing Director of Perum Bulog, Budi Waseso, at the Bulog Office, Jakarta, Wednesday (18/10/2023).

The high consumption and distribution of social assistance means that Bulog’s stock will run low. Consumption will be even greater because the government will continue the social assistance program at the beginning of this year.

Dismantling of Rice Import Ships.  (Bulog Doc)Photo: Unloading of Rice Import Ship. (Bulog Doc)
Dismantling of Rice Import Ships. (Bulog Doc)

On the other hand, it is predicted that domestic rice stocks will not be too large considering that the main harvest will not occur in the near future.

“If we distribute 1.6 million tons, 800 thousand tons, if there is no addition, the rest is left? Does that mean that in facing January-March, it is predicted that there will be no mass harvest, a big harvest. Meanwhile, there is a food aid program for January-March, if it is 800 (thousand) “reduced by another 700 (thousand), if there is no supply, there will only be 100 thousand tons. Even though it was right around the time of the election (high consumption?) Yes, the President (Jokowi) instructed Bulog for this year to be able to increase the stock by 1.5 million,” said Buwas. .

Of the 1.5 million tonnes, 500 thousand tonnes will arrive no later than mid-December. Buwas revealed that initially his party was only able to carry around 300 thousand tons. However, Buwas said that Jokowi was racking his brains so that Bulog could import more rice, with the aim of securing stocks.

“My target at that time for the assignment was 1.5 million because of the situation and all kinds of abilities, my calculations and transportation and so on. So at that time I told the president that the maximum would be to add 300 (thousand) from that 1.5 million “It can be realized, but he said, why is it 300 (thousand)? That’s a little less than 1.5 million tons, so I (Jokowi) will continue to try, yes sir, we will continue to try,” said Buwas.

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