Chicken Noodle Trade Failed to Open a Startup, Now Worth IDR 917 Billion Tech – 16 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Who would have thought that the founder of a unicorn startup in Indonesia once sold chicken noodles.

This is the story of Achmad Zaky, the founder of Bukalapak which is now one of the biggest e-commerce companies in Indonesia.

Zaky’s journey to achieve success like now was not easy. Zaky said that to be able to achieve success like now, you have to work hard, have a strong will and determination. Before successfully creating e-commerce, Zaky tried to open a chicken noodle culinary business while in college.

The 32 year old man spent his savings selling chicken noodles but unfortunately ended up bankrupt. Learning from this experience, Zaky was actually able to build a big business.

“If we are in a bad condition, God is preparing something good for us. I once tried (business) and failed when I tried selling chicken noodles, but I just wanted to fail again. Why? Because failure is a very powerful process and always gets scratched in the head,” explained Zaky at the InnoCreativation event in Surabaya, several years ago.

Apart from that, Zaky also felt low self-esteem when he moved to Bandung. The man who graduated from the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) admitted that he was embarrassed because he couldn’t speak English. In fact, he was stressed.

Zaky was also afraid to join organizations because he lacked self-confidence. However, after facing this fear, he experienced a different experience.

“I was shocked when I came from Sragen. When I came to ITB, everyone was confident and good at English. I was stressed. But it turned out that after we tried, there was no fear,” he said.

Now, the success of a startup or start-up company will of course also have an impact on the value of the assets of its founders.

The share price of PT Tbk (BUKA) closed at 206 per share on Tuesday (17/10). Zaky’s value as the founder of Bukalapak was also affected.

Based on the initial public offering (IPO) prospectus, Achmad Zaky Syaifudin owns 4,452,515,674 shares or the equivalent of 4.32% after the IPO. This means that if Zaky does not sell his shares or increase his ownership, Zaky’s shares in Bukalapak are now worth around IDR 917 billion.

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