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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Joko Widodo’s (Jokowi) family is truly proof of the adage “the fruit does not fall far from the tree”. How could it not be, all three generations of the family have become successful entrepreneurs.

Starting with Jokowi’s father, Noto Miharjo, who works as a furniture entrepreneur. This career was then continued by his first child, namely Jokowi. Furthermore, the business breed is also found in Jokowi’s two children or Noto’s grandchildren, namely Gibran and Kaesang.

In fact, this proverb also applies not only to the realm of business, but also politics. All of his children and in-laws began to pursue careers in the world of politics.

Gibran’s first child became Mayor of Solo and is now a vice presidential candidate paired with Prabowo Subianto in the 2024 presidential election. Then, his son-in-law Bobby Nasution has been Mayor of Medan since 2020. Meanwhile, Kaesang’s last child has firmly become General Chair of the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI).

Even so, it is interesting to explore what Jokowi taught his children to be successful? What kind of parenting knowledge did the 7th President of the Republic of Indonesia apply?

It should be noted that Jokowi has three children from his only marriage to Iriana, namely Gibran (1987), Kahiyang (1991), and Kaesang (1994). Jokowi in his autobiography entitled Jokowi: Leading the City, Touching Jakarta (2012) admitted that their three children lived a life that was not full of challenges, where their childhood was completely affluent.

This happened in connection with the success of Jokowi’s CV Rakabu business. Of his three children, only Gibran has lived through Jokowi’s difficult times. Gibran was born when Jokowi had just started a business whose journey was not easy. When Gibran was three years old, Jokowi’s business went bankrupt after he deceived people.

However, after that Jokowi’s business began to recover. He also started to make a profit. The family can smile again.

Meanwhile, Kahiyang and Kaesang were born during Jokowi’s golden days of business. Unlike their older brother, neither of them had ever felt the noise caused by the sound of a chainsaw and had never inhaled sawdust scattered around the house. Because, in those years, Jokowi already had his own workshop and factory.

Kaesang himself also admitted that during his childhood he was often taken by car when going to school. This could be said to be a very rare activity carried out by society.

“Every time my father takes me to school, I always listen to Uncle Chrisye’s songs, for example Alone and I Love Him. This is the song that I really remember, why? Because my mother is a big fan of Uncle Chrisye. So all the songs in the car are Om Chrisye’s songs everyone,” said Kaesang in his YouTube video in 2017.

Even so, this man who was born in Solo is aware that pampering children with wealth and privilege is not good. There are many examples and research. On this basis, Jokowi has a special strategy for raising children. The way to do this is by sending him to Singapore to study.

“I decided to send them abroad so that they could experience the need to be independent,” said Jokowi.

For Jokowi, living abroad makes them think life is not easy. There to go to school, the three of them could no longer be accompanied by their parents. They have to wake up early to take public transportation. Likewise when hungry. They have to find their own food. I can no longer complain or ask my parents for help.

“I want my children to know the school of life. Struggle. Because, that is what is truly capable of building a strong life,” said Jokowi.

Even so, only two of his children actually studied abroad, namely Gibran and Kaesang. It is known that Gibran studied at Orchid Park Secondary School, Singapore and went on to the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS). Meanwhile, Kaesang studied at the Anglo-Chinese School International and studied at the Singapore University of Social Sciences.

In the end, Jokowi’s strategy was successful in making his children independent. This independence then leads to the emergence of an attitude of responsibility, politeness and never giving up. All of this made Gibran and Kaesang brave enough to start a business a few years after graduating from school.

When running this business, the two of them started it alone. Jokowi also claimed that he did not know anything about his son’s business journey in the early days.

After finding out, he didn’t look for funds for them. Everyone runs their business alone, including looking for funds and operations, without Jokowi’s help, even though he has become the ruler of the country.

Now, his two children already have various businesses. From this business, both of their wallets became thicker. It is known, based on the 2023 LHKPN, Gibran has assets of IDR 26 billion while Kaesang has assets of around IDR 92 billion.

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