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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Lainey Morse’s life is like the proverbial “falling down the stairs.” At the same time he experienced a series of disasters. Initially he was diagnosed with autoimmunity which made him sickly. Then, at the same time she also had to separate from her husband.

He was also very depressed. Having to live alone against a deadly disease. It was in this condition that a woman from Oregon, USA, chose to spend time with her pet. Not a cat or a dog, but a goat.

“I’m very depressed. I try to go out every day and spend time with my goats. I have special time with the goats and feel better, then I try to invite other friends,” said Lainey as quoted by CNBC International.

The goat had been purchased by Lainey several years earlier. Initially there were only 2 goats. However, slowly they began to reproduce. Everything was able to divert Lainey’s thoughts and feelings which were extremely sad.

It was during these down times that this 51 year old woman had a friend come to her who works as a yoga instructor. This friend wanted to invite Lainey to do yoga so that her body would be healthier, her stress would disappear and she could feel happy. The two of them then did yoga in the goat pen.

Don’t forget that the two of them also took pictures and shared them on social media. Unexpectedly, it only took a few minutes for the upload to go viral. Many people are curious about yoga activities in a very unique goat pen. Many netizens also contacted Lainey to try the goat yoga class.

Lainey was surprised and confused. He only does yoga privately and does not open any classes. However, due to enormous interest, he had an interesting business idea.

In 2016, he commercialized yoga activities in his goat pen. This activity is carried out through the company created by Lainey, Original Goat Yoga. After that, the business continued to grow by using Facebook as a promotion.

It didn’t take long, Lainey admitted that she immediately had thousands of people register for yoga classes at her goat farm.

“I had a waiting list of over 2,300 and realized I couldn’t fit 400 people on the ranch for yoga. I was overwhelmed and learned to manage,” adds Lainey.

The business that continued to grow made Lainey quit her job as a marketing officer in November 2017. While developing her business, Lainey faced various challenges, she was criticized by many animal activists because she thought she was using animals to make a profit.

As a result, he changed the name of his business so that it would not be misunderstood. At the same time trying to glorify goats by improving the cage and providing the best nutrition.

However, Lainey doesn’t feel like she’s at a loss. After all, he now has customers not only from Oregon but also Japan and Australia. In one day, he limits a maximum of 30 people to a goat yoga class session. For one session of yoga, each customer is charged US$ 35 or around Rp. 486 thousand.

The goats for this yoga class were not only around them but also jumped on top of their bodies during the ‘kissing’ session. Goat kids in yoga classes are thought to make people happier and healthier.

This business not only makes your body healthy, but also your wallet. Since the business started, in the first year alone, Lainey was able to generate income of US$ 160 thousand or around Rp. 2.2 billion. Now his business turnover has doubled, making him an instant billionaire.

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