Elon Musk is almost so desperate that he wants to block Europe, what’s going on? Tech – 17 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The owner of the social media platform X (formerly Twitter), Elon Musk admitted that he plans to remove the X service, previously known as Twitter, from Europe. He did this in response to new internet platform regulations in the region.

The rules require social media giants to wipe out negative and inaccurate content from their platforms. If they do not comply, the platform provider could be subject to a fine of 6% of total revenue in Europe.

The European Commissioner for the internal market, Thierry Breton, wrote directly to the bosses of technology giants, including Elon Musk. This follows the conflict that broke out in the Middle East, between the Hamas group and Israel.

X and other internet services are suspected of contributing to the heat of the situation due to the large amount of deviant content spread through their platforms.

Reported by Insider, Friday (20/10/2023), Musk was very annoyed and frustrated with demands to comply with the Digital Services Act (DSA) regulations, said an insider. DSA is a legal umbrella that closely monitors the circulation of online content in Europe

The source said Musk plans to leave Europe because he feels he cannot comply with the DSA regulations that apply in that market.

If true, this is similar to what Meta did. Its newest child app, Threads, is blocked from citizens in Europe.

Musk’s concern about being fined 6% is not unfounded. The reason is, it is difficult to comply with DSA regulations when the majority of the ‘Trust and Safety’ division in the company responsible for moderating content has been laid off.

Musk and X’s representatives did not respond to requests to confirm this news. Even so, Musk boasted on his personal X account that the Insider report was wrong.

European Commission representatives also declined to comment. However, in the latest warning submitted to Facebook and TikTok, no letter was given to X.

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