Genshin Impact Redeem Code October 2023, Claim Now! Tech – 2 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Game animation studio company Hoyoverse is again sharing a redeem code that you can claim for the popular game ‘Genshin Impact’.

Based on CNBC Indonesia monitoring, Tuesday (17/10/2023), there are four redeem codes that Genshin Impact fans can claim. Inside there are various prizes, one of which is Primogems.

So, here are some redeem codes that you can get, complete with how to claim!

TTQNCFMADSWH – 30 Primogems

6T8NWE3HD7PD – 60 Primogems, 5x Adventurer’s Experience

4S97DELBCSV9 – 20,000 Mora, 2x Hero’s Wit

GENSHINGIFT – 50 Primogems, 3 Hero’s Wit

For your information, Primogems is an in-game currency that can be used to buy premium items such as Intertwined Fate and Acquaint Fate gacha tickets.

Meanwhile, Adventurer’s Experience and Hero’s Wit are in-game items that are useful for increasing the level of the character being played.

Fourth redeem code available must be claimed as quickly as possible. The reason is, each redeem code has a claim time limit before it finally expires.

How to Claim the Genshin Impact Redeem Code

  • Login with a Hoyoverse, Google, or Facebook account, which is already connected to the game
  • Select the main server to play on
  • Enter the account name or nickname
  • Enter the redeem code listed above
  • Press the ‘Redeem’ option.

After the claim process is successful, the prizes mentioned above can be seen in the ‘Mailbox’ feature in the Genshin Impact game application.

For the record, exchanging the redeem code has conditions. Players are required to increase their account level to level 10.

The reason is, the Mailbox cannot be opened if the player’s level is still below 10.

That’s the information about the Genshin Impact free redeem code and how to claim it. I hope this helps

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