Imitate Palm Oil, Indonesian Ombudsman Proposes Garlic Import Fund Agency News – 35 minutes ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Indonesian Ombudsman proposes that the government establish a garlic fund management body such as the Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (BPDPKS) to manage development funds and development reserve funds from garlic importers.

Indonesian Ombudsman member Yeka Hendra Fatika said the proposal was an option for importers who did not meet the mandatory planting quota as a requirement for garlic imports set by the government.

“Business actors are different types from farmers. This effort is because there are business actors who have succeeded in carrying out mandatory planting, but there are also many companies who object to the mandatory planting process. It is better to just charge the fee and have the mandatory planting carried out by people who are professional experts. in his field,” said Yeka in his office, Tuesday (17/10/2023).

Yeka said that currently his party would still carry out evaluations regarding the proposal. “Later we will evaluate RIPH governance and including mandatory planting. So later whether this will be included as well as funds collected through BPDPKS, that will come later,” he continued.

On the same occasion, the Acting Minister of Agriculture, Arief Prasetyo Adi, immediately responded to this proposal.

“For me, we must do anything that can make Indonesian agriculture better, whatever can make prices reach consumers better, we also have to be open minded. I agree with Mas Yeka,” said Arief.

On the other hand, he emphasized that importers who have been given import permits but have not yet realized them will be subject to penalties.

“Not only are we the government as public servants, but the importers must also be informed, if the realization of imports is only 26%, 30% or even not at all, we will punish them. I have already told the Director General, then friends at the Ministry of Trade “If that’s the case, be careful about applying for imports tomorrow,” he continued.

“So even if we change the flag but the person is the same, we should recommend that we drop this. Why? Because it will affect the national stock. We have calculated together the need for RIPH to be issued, then an import permit, then it is not realized. That’s not cool. So, “That’s what must be corrected,” added Arief.

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