Instagram Calls Palestinians Terrorists Then Apologizes Tech – 3 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Instagram recently reportedly added the word “terrorist” to users’ bios for those who write themselves as Palestinian.

For this action, Meta, Instagram’s parent company, has apologized.

Meta said it fixed an issue that caused inaccurate Arabic translations in some of its products.

“We sincerely apologize for this happening,” he said, quoted from BBCMonday (23/10/2023).

The platform has also faced accusations of suppressing user content voicing support for Palestinians.

Several Instagram users who uploaded pro-Palestinian content were alsoshadow banned by this social media platform.

Users claim their posts related to the Palestinian and Israeli conflicts on Stories have fewer views compared to other posts. In fact, their accounts are difficult to find in searches.

Meta acknowledged there was a bug affecting Stories, but it had nothing to do with the content.

This follows posts on X, previously known as Twitter, and TikTok by Instagram user @khanman1996.

He has written in his bio that he is Palestinian, followed by the Palestinian flag and the words “alhamdulillah” in Arabic

However, after clicking “see translation”, the English translation “Thank God, Palestinian terrorists are fighting for their freedom” appears.

He said in his post that he himself was not Palestinian but had tested the error after being told by an unnamed Palestinian friend.

He said in a video posted after Instagram fixed the issue that the error had been occurring for at least three hours.

For your information, shadow banning is limiting the reach of an account and its content to other users if it violates the guidelines of an online service, such as Instagram and other social media.

Instagram itself is releasing a transparency tool at the end of 2022, so users can see the restrictions applied to their accounts. This way, their posts don’t show up to other users.

The case of shadow banning is not a new occurrence. Famous model, Bella Hadid, admitted that she was shadow banned on Instagram after posting about the Israel-Gaza conflict last year.

Recently, Pakistani writer Fatima Bhutto said in an Instagram post that she had been blocked for pro-Palestinian posts.

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