Israeli Order, Google Turns Off Maps Feature in Gaza Tech – 2 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Google has disabled the ‘live traffic’ feature or direct traffic monitoring on its ‘Maps’ digital map service in the Israel and Gaza regions. This was stated directly by a Google representative.

“As we have done before in conflict situations and in response to developing conditions in the region [Gaza]”We temporarily disabled the ability to see live crashes,” a Google representative told Bloomberg, quoted from EngadgetWednesday (25/10/2023).

“We do this by considering the safety of the surrounding community,” he added.

Furthermore, Google ensures that people in Israel and Gaza can still use Maps and Waze to get route information and estimated arrival or ETA.

Only real-time traffic jam conditions cannot be seen. It is not yet clear whether Apple is also implementing a similar policy for its digital map service.

This step was taken following Israel’s planned military attack via land route into the Gaza area. According to reports, Israel will deploy thousands of troops to attack this route.

According to inside sources BloombergGoogle disabled live traffic at the request of the Israeli defense authorities.

The reason is, if live traffic is activated, it is possible that the Hamas group can monitor the movements of Israeli troops when they want to carry out a ground attack. The US and European Union consider Hamas a terrorist organization.

Previously, Google disabled live traffic capabilities in 2022 in Ukraine, when Russia launched its invasion of that country.

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