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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Last week, Minister of Communication and Information Budi Arie Setiadi announced the formation of the Communication and Information Service Task Force. One of his tasks is ensuring the construction of 4G BTS.

The construction of BTS was problematic due to an alleged corruption case involving former Minister of Communication and Information Johnny Plate and former Main Director of Bakti Anang Latif. Chairman of the Ministry of Communication and Information Service Task Force, Sarwoto Atmosutarno, explained that based on the trial, his party believes the project can still be completed.

“We met with the consortium to discuss whether the contract could be modified and implemented according to existing regulations,” said Sarwoto, in CNBC Indonesia ProfitsTuesday (17/10/2023).

“Continue to be assisted by colleagues who are members of the task force, the Ministry of Finance and the Attorney General’s Office to find the right solution to speed things up. Especially the 4G BTS,” added the special staff of the Minister of Communication and Information.

Regarding legal cases, Sarwoto said that there were many lessons that could be learned even though he did not turn a blind eye to the obstacles. According to him, a solution can be found for the sake of the Indonesian people, especially internet access that is not yet accessible.

He also explained that there were several obstacles in the budgeting system. However, he believes that with strategic planning, this problem can be overcome.

“There is an opportunity there. If strategic and operational planning is accepted, the government will still support budgeting,” he said.

Sarwoto explained that of the 5,618 construction points, around 1,277 BTS were not yet on air. Around 534 BTS are said to have security problems that must be resolved.

The task force has only one year to work. Namely from October 12 2023 until Budi Arie’s term of office as Minister of Communication and Information ends in October next year.

With a short working period, Sarwoto is optimistic that he can complete all his work. Both members of the Task Force and Bakti also helped find solutions to complete the existing program.

The task forces, which were previously separate due to differences in institutions and ministries, were finally united through the Bakti Kominfo Task Force. This also makes him optimistic that the Task Force’s work can be completed within its term of office.

“What makes us optimistic is that this team has become one, in terms of time it will be faster,” explained Sarwoto.

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