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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Joe Biden’s administration plans to stop sending artificial intelligence or AI chips made by Nvidia and other manufacturers to China. This is part of a series of measures released by the US government in an effort to stop Beijing receiving cutting-edge technology to strengthen its military.

The rules, which will take effect within the next 30 days, will restrict wider use of advanced chips and chipmaking equipment to more countries, including Iran and Russia.

The rules would also blacklist Chinese chip designers Moore Threads and Biren.

According to US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, the new measures close gaps in regulations issued last October and will likely be updated at least annually.

“The goal is to limit China’s access to advanced semiconductors that can drive breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and advanced computers that are critical for (China’s) military applications,” he said, quoted from ReutersWednesday (18/10/2023).

He emphasized that the government did not intend to harm Beijing economically. Because according to him China will still import US semiconductors worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

A Chinese embassy spokesperson said they firmly oppose the new restrictions, adding that imposing restrictions arbitrarily or forcibly seeking secession for political agendas violates the principles of market economics and fair competition, weakens the international economy and trade order. .

The new steps show the Biden administration is struggling to slow the flow of chips and chipmaking tools to China, even as concerns rise about the role of US technology in modernizing Beijing’s military.

Reuters reported in June that AI chips banned by previous regulations could be purchased from vendors in Shenzhen, China.

Georgetown University’s Center for Security and Emerging Technologies found in a June 2022 report that of the 97 individual AI chips purchased through Chinese military tenders during an 8-month period in 2020, nearly all were designed by Nvidia, Xilinx, Intel, and Microsemi.

AI capabilities aided by supercomputers and advanced chips improve the speed and accuracy of military decision-making, planning and logistics, according to the released regulations.

The new rules will exempt most consumer chips used in laptops, smartphones and games, although some will be subject to licensing and notification requirements by US officials.

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