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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia The case of the mother who experienced it baby blues thus endangering babies again going viral on social media. Most recently, a mother with the initials A in Pesanggrahan, South Jakarta, drowned her baby in a bucket baby blues and depression.

In the video circulating on social media, A puts and drowns the baby in a bucket full of water. It can be seen that the baby is crying and having difficulty breathing due to being drowned head first.

“Hello, guys. We swim. Huuu,” said A while laughing, quoted Wednesday (18/10/2023).

Launching from Detik newsthe National Commission for Child Protection (Komnas PA) stated that A experienced baby blues syndrome and depression.

“She (the baby’s mother) has a syndrome baby blues and there was a little depression at the beginning of the diagnosis,” said Acting General Chairperson of Komnas PA, Lia Latifah, quoted on Wednesday (18/10/2023).

So, what is it? baby blues syndrome?

Launching from Healthline, baby blues syndrome is a period of emotional instability in a mother several days after giving birth. Generally, baby blues syndrome characterized by feelings of sadness, anxiety, stress, and extreme mood swings. About one and four mothers in the world experience it baby blues syndrome.

Until now, it is not known for certain what the cause is. However, experts say that baby blues occurs due to fluctuations or uncertainty in post-natal hormones.

After giving birth, the body will experience extreme hormonal fluctuations to help a mother through the recovery period, return the uterus to its normal size, and increase lactation.

Apart from that, the cause baby blues syndrome in mothers it is also thought to be due to increasingly irregular sleep schedules and changes in lifestyle after giving birth.

Usually, symptoms baby blues syndrome begins two to three days after giving birth. In some cases, baby blues syndrome will disappear by itself in about ten days. However, there are also cases baby blues syndrome which reaches 14 days post-partum.

The following are common symptoms baby blues syndrome postpartum that must be recognized.

1. Easy to cry for no apparent reason

2. Experiencing mood swings and irritability

3. Feeling like you don’t have an emotional bond with the baby

4. Feeling like you are missing out on the fun times in your life

5. Worried or excessively anxious about the baby’s health and safety

6. Easily feel anxious

7. Insomnia

8. Difficulty thinking clearly and making decisions

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