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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Perum Bulog can be calmer because China has confirmed that it will send 1 million tons of rice to Indonesia. President Joko Widodo even had to fly to China, one of which was to sign the rice agreement. The assurance of assistance from China makes Indonesia’s rice stocks safer.

“That’s why I once said, China is certain. But with the current situation, that’s the last thing we will realize after we can no longer take from other countries because other countries have no ties to us. If China is already tied, it means we already have it. 1 million reserves in China,” said the Managing Director of Perum Bulog, Budi Waseso, in his office, Jakarta, Wednesday (18/10/23).

Buwas explained that the government currently has rice stocks of up to 1.6 million tons of rice. At the end of the year, the projected rice stock will be 800 thousand tons, reduced due to government food assistance and the Food Supply and Price Stabilization Program (SPHP). However, this figure represents stocks without any imports.

Bulog was finally ordered to increase rice import stocks by 1.5 million tons. However, it is estimated that 500 thousand tons will arrive at the end of this year. So the total rice stock reaches 1.3 million tons.

Photo: Unloading of Rice Import Ship. (Bulog Doc)
Dismantling of Rice Import Ships. (Bulog Doc)

The rice import policy is claimed to be aimed at securing rice stocks until the upcoming Eid elections. In fact, the government will distribute rice for social assistance in the January-March 2023 period.

“If we can, we can afford it (safe stock), right? 1.3 million tons we will distribute 800 thousand (for social assistance), say 800 thousand until March so it’s still 500 thousand. But we have an assignment of 2 million or an additional 1 million if the proposal is realized,” “That means we have reserves of 3 million. That’s safe,” he said.

Apart from the plan to import 1.5 million tonnes, the government is also opening up the opportunity to increase imports by up to 2 million tonnes in 2024. This decision will be determined based on current developments, including rice stocks at the beginning of next year.

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