Crazy International! Israel Will Build New City to Replace Gaza: Nova News – 1 hour ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A theory emerged in the war between Israel and the Palestinian Hamas fighter group. This is related to Israel’s intention, which is said to want to take over the Palestinian “enclave”.

Several social media users spread news claiming that a new city called Nova would be built on the ruins of the Gaza Strip. This was spread by a businessman named Alex Daniel, who has 133 thousand followers on his social media.

“I present to you the new tourist and holiday city in the south that will soon be built in Israel: Nova,” he was quoted as saying Al Bawaba, Wednesday (18/10/2023).

An imagined depiction of the city of Nova, showing tall buildings and highly developed areas. The photo also claims that the city will primarily be a tourist attraction.

Many pro-Palestinian activists and citizens were angry with the post. They call it a plan to destroy Gaza and turn it into an Israeli city.

“This is Gaza and forever Gaza and Palestine will soon be free, God willing,” wrote one netizen.

Until now, war continues to break out, with Israel intensifying its attacks on the region. This attack was part of the ‘Iron Sword’ war operation in response to the Hamas attack on the Jewish settlement on October 7.

However, this attack is known to have killed many civilians. Most recently, a missile hit a hospital in Gaza and killed up to 500 people.

Most parties, including Hamas, say that Israel carried out the attack. On the other hand, Tel Aviv said this was an attack carried out by the Islamic Jihad group which is also in the area.

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