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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The circulation of content related to the Hamas vs Israel war has made Instagram confused. Facebook’s “sister” social media platform assigned a team that can speak Arabic and Hebrew to monitor images and videos of the Hamas-Israel conflict.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosser revealed Instagram’s response to the outbreak of the Hamas-Israel war via Threads, Instagram’s social media platform which is similar to Twitter X.

According to him, currently Instagram’s “main safety focus” is “responsibly managing content” related to the Hamas-Israel war. The conflict, he continued, left the Instagram team feeling “pulled in many directions at the same time.”

“The reality is that we have a lot of important work. The team is moving quickly, but we are not yet at the point we want,” said Mosseri, quoted Wednesday (18/10/2023).

Meta has published a statement regarding the Hamas-Israel war. The company founded by Mark Zuckerberg claims to have taken mitigation steps regarding the Hamas-Israel war since the conflict broke out.

A special operations center was formed by Meta which consisted of Jewish and Arabic language experts. A total of 795 thousand posts deemed to violate the policy prohibiting violent content, hate speech, harassment or coordinated harm – have been flagged or deleted.

Apart from Instagram, Meta is also the company that owns the social media platforms Facebook and WhatsApp.

Meanwhile, Threads decided to maintain a block on searches for the words “Covid-19” and “long Covid”. Users who search for words related to Covid will not find anything and are directed to look for information on the official government website.

Mosseri said he had not set a deadline for blocking searches about Covid on Instagram and Threads. However, he emphasized that the blocking was temporary.

“Our biggest focus right now is managing content responsibly following the outbreak of war in Israel and Gaza. The team is working on deeper integration across Instagram and Facebook, adapting to laws in the European Union, Fediverse support, trending, generally working on keeping Threads moving growing,” Mosseri said.

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