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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) revealed the reason behind the weather feeling hotter than the temperature figure stated in the weather forecast.

Quoting from the upload of the official BMKG Instagram account (@infobmkg), weather that feels hotter than the temperature figure is known as feel-like temperature or perceived temperature. BMKG said, there are a number of reasons that drive the difference between perceived temperature and actual temperature figures.

Feel-like temperature “or perceived temperature is a term that describes the sensation of temperature felt by humans based on air temperature, humidity and other factors, such as wind speed and sunlight,” wrote BMKGquoted Wednesday (18/10/2023).

Photo: Pedestrians use umbrellas to avoid the hot sun in the Pinisi Bridge area at the Karet busway stop, Jakarta, Wednesday (27/9/2023). (CNBC Indonesia/Muhammad Sabki)

BMKG explained that the combination of hot air temperatures, high levels of air humidity and surrounding air containing a lot of water vapor means that sweat cannot evaporate quickly. As a result, the temperature becomes noticeably hotter.

Furthermore, BMKG said that humidity levels in most parts of Indonesia are quite high because geographically, Indonesia is surrounded by warm oceans and is located in a tropical region with high heating from sunlight.

Lastly, the driving factor that makes the weather feel like ‘leaking hell’ is sun exposure to the body. BMKG emphasized that direct exposure to sunlight can make the temperature feel hotter.

“When humidity is high, the perceived temperature can feel hotter than the stated temperature,” concluded the BMKG statement.

Until now, most parts of Indonesia are still hit by hot and scorching weather, aka the dry season, until mid-October 2023, even though the rainy season generally starts in October.

Based on monitoring CNBC Indonesia, recently the weather has felt hotter. For example, on Tuesday (17/10/2023), the Weather application by Apple shows that the sensation of heat in Jakarta during the day is 39 degrees Celsius, even though the actual temperature figure is only 36 degrees Celsius.

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