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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – WhatsApp has a blocking feature that users can use if they don’t want to interact with other people who they feel are annoying.

Then the question is, do we know the person we blocked on WhatsApp or not?

To maintain privacy, WhatsApp will not notify someone that they have been blocked by another user.

Blocked WhatsApp numbers or contacts can only be known by the blocking user.

However, even if there is no notification or notification whatsoever, the person concerned will know that their WhatsApp contact has been blocked through the signs that appear.

The following are the characteristics and explanation of whether people who are blocked on WhatsApp will know.

Blank profile photo

Chat only ticks one

Can’t see “Last Seen” and “Online” status

Can’t make phone calls

Can’t see WA status

Cannot invite to WA group

The explanation for each sign of WA being blocked by someone else is as follows

1. Blank profile photo

The first sign that our contact is blocked is the person’s WhatsApp profile photo. Whether the photo can be seen or not.

However, a blank profile photo does not necessarily mean someone is blocked. The reason is, profile photos can be hidden from other people. It is also possible that the profile photo will not appear if our contacts are not saved by that person.

2. Chat only ticks one

The next sign is a sign of receiving a message. In normal contacts, when sending a message two ticks will appear indicating the chat has been sent.

If a contact is blocked, it is possible that only one message will be sent in a long time.

It should be noted, this sign could also describe other things. It could be that the person doesn’t have an internet quota, the network is disrupted, the cellphone has a problem, or the number hasn’t been used for a long time.

3. Can’t see Last Seen and Online status

The next way is to see when he was last online on WhatsApp. If the intended contact can still be contacted, by default you can see the last time he was online.

However, if the status is not visible, it does not necessarily mean you are blocked. Because users can deactivate this status.

4. Cannot be called

Another sign can be seen from telephone calls. If the status is just ‘calling’ instead of ‘ringing’ it’s possible that your contact is blocked.

However, ‘calling’ status can also mean that the person does not have an internet package or is in an area with a poor network.

5. Can’t see WhatsApp stories

You can also see blocked because you can’t see that person’s story. But again, there is another possibility.

One of them is that the person has activated ‘Privacy Status’ which is aimed at only a few people.

6. Cannot be invited to the group

The last sign you can check is the group. If your contact is blocked by someone, then you will not be able to send an invitation to the blocked number to join the group.

So, those are some explanations about whether people who are blocked on WhatsApp can know or not. I hope this helps!

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