Sudden Rain Pours Jabodetabek, BMKG Reveals Cause Tech – 3 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Rain started to fall in parts of Jakarta and its surroundings on Tuesday (24/10) evening. According to the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG), this rain is natural rain, not artificial rain using Weather Modification Technology (TMC).

BMKG Deputy for Meteorology Guswanto said that so far the rainy season has not yet entered, but there are already indications that it is towards the end of the transition.

BMKG itself determines that the start of the rainy season is the event of 3 consecutive periods of 50 mm of rain.

“So the start of the rainy season is the first step where it rains 50 mm,” said Guswanto to CNBC Indonesia, Wednesday (25/10/2023).

For today’s weather forecast, it is observed that rain has started to fall since 13.02 WIB in several areas.

In the weather radar image report for the Jabodetabek area and its surroundings, light intensity rain was observed in parts of Serang Regency, Bekasi Regency, West Jakarta and East Jakarta.

Meanwhile, the intensity is light to moderate in parts of South Jakarta, South Tangerang, Lebak Regency and Bogor Regency.

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