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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – For young families or housewives who want to buy quality furniture at low prices, don’t forget to go to Transmart. Today, Sunday (22/10/2023), Transmart is again holding a discount party at the Transmart Full Day Sale.

Customers can get various attractive discounts for one whole day, from the time the shop opens until 22.00. Transmart Full Day Sale is also valid at Transmart outlets throughout Indonesia.

One product that is attractive to couples who have just owned a house is a dining table set. The Carlitz Dining Set White/Black dining table is priced at IDR 1,519,200 from the normal price of IDR 2,299,000 and the sale price is IDR 1,899,000 per set for outside Java.

Meanwhile, for prices on the island of Java, Transmart also provides a special price, namely IDR 1,439,000 from the normal price of IDR 2,299,000 and the sale price IDR 1,799,000.

Visitors can also get discounts of up to 50% for shopping for various daily necessities, household furniture, electronic goods, and even electric bicycles. You can also get an additional 20% discount if you make payments with Allo Bank, Bank Mega Credit Card, Sharia Financing Card (Syariah Card) from Bank Mega Syariah.

Following are the terms and conditions for the Transmart Full Day Sale

-Promo period 22 October 2023 starting from shop opening until 22.00 local time

– Valid at all Transmart outlets

– Additional 20% discount applies to Bank Mega Syariah Syariah Card, Bank Mega Credit Card and Allo Bank customers

– Discounts do not apply to certain products that have been agreed upon in the regular Transmart program

– There is a limitation on the number of purchases of special electronic products per person, 2 pcs per category, where the categories are refrigerators, washing machines, AC and TV

– Discounts are given directly from the total bill.

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