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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – If you are still using an ad blocker, you should immediately avoid it. Because YouTube reportedly does not warn users who are caught using the service.

This report came from complaints from a number of social media users, including X (formerly Twitter). They get a pop-up message from YouTube warning about using an ad blocker.

According to the pop-up message seen in the screenshot, users who installed ad blockers on Youtube have violated the rules. The platform said users’ videos will be blocked until the ad blocker is removed.

The Verge citing a user who got the notification, explaining the video was stopped after watching three videos with an ad blocker.

“If you show Google that you are willing to give up your AdBlocker for YouTube, they will make this new AdBlock ban permanent,” the notice added.

For information, YouTube displays advertisements in videos played by its users. They can get rid of it as long as they subscribe to the YouTube Premium service.

It seems that this latest message pop-up is Youtube’s way of encouraging users to switch to using Youtube Premium. The ad-free service is priced at around US$13.99 per month or in Indonesia starting from Rp. 59 thousand per month.

A YouTube spokesperson confirmed that they are working to encourage users who use ad blockers to allow ads or try YouTube Premium. To The Verge, he explained that this feature had been tested on his site last June.

YouTube also said the use of ad blockers violates the site’s terms of service. Advertising, the company explains has supported the content creator ecosystem and enabled many users to access its content.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Google, which owns YouTube, Oluwa Falodun, said the detection of ad blockers was nothing new. A number of sites have asked users to turn off such blockers.

“We take disabling playback very seriously, and will only disable playback if viewers ignore repeated requests to allow ads on YouTube. If viewers feel they have been wrongly flagged for using an ad blocker, they can share this feedback by clicking a link in an instant,” Falodun said.

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